Promotion apps on Google Play pay-per-result

If you need to raise your application to the top in Google Play, then you came to the right address. APPTRACK copes with this task by carrying out the required number of units of your application with positive ratings and reviews, enhancing the reputation and image.

You think, what you paid for the installation, evaluation and feedback? The answer is simple - your application is displayed in the top Google Play, which scans millions of people, respectively, you get a target audience. In addition, our performers may also be interested in your application and they will be yours.

The main objective of APPTRACK - to make sure that your application is seen. What is the point, even in high-quality and unique application, if it is not seen by users, and it is a dead weight ..

Our company guarantees that each installation of your application is unique - the only living people! At any time of your order, you can view its progress and view all statistics. In addition, the statistics you can see the email for each user (worker) who have downloaded your app and, if necessary, to contact him!

Our advice and forecasting on Google Play:

  1. If you have a new application.

    For a start, it is necessary to go in the top "Novelties ". Being in the top 30 days. Buy need about 500 - 1000 installs, of which 30 - 50% of the reviews. In your application will have organic plant that is targeted. Next, keep their positions in the top of the installation increasing, from about 300 a day. The result will be getting a large amount of organic plants, that is the target, with a small amount purchased, that is motivated. Generally, if your application is really interesting, success is inevitable.

  2. If your application is more than a month, but it located at lowest positions in Google Play TOP.

    In this case, you need to take a lot of settings, from a minimum of 1000 hours, of which 30-50% of the reviews, and then watch as the application leads to the top, be sure to add 300 installs a day at least. Do not forget that there are complex categories such as games, the competition is incredibly high, so you need to increase accordingly.

  3. If your application already has a certain position but want to improve them.

    Adjust! Add up to 300 installs per day with ratings and reviews and see. To achieve the desired position.

  4. Not free applications

    Depending on the category take up to 300 installs per day, of which 30-50% of the reviews.

On Google Play statistics used in the construction of active users. To this end, we have this option "pay check and setup after 3 days". When ordering, you can include it in one click, so your application will not be removed for at least 3 days. This will add your chances of reaching the top.